ROBAM Oven R312
ROBAM Oven R312
ROBAM Oven R312
ROBAM Oven R312
ROBAM Oven R312

ROBAM Oven R312

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Accurate Temperature Yummy Taste

Power Rating: 2800w

Capacity: 60L

Glass Insulation: Triple Layered

Preheat to 230°C: 10mins

Net Weight: 41kg

Intellectually Control Every Degree

Accurate Temperature, Bringing High Level Yummy Food
  • 1℃ precise baking design.
  • The temperature can be adjusted by every single degree, no deviation in temperature control.
  • Double temperature detectors
  • The accuracy of temperature control is double enhanced, achieving an outstanding roast.

Double Temperatures Double Controls

Double Temperatures Only For Unique Yummy Food.
  • Dual heating tubes provide the independent temperature control at the top and bottom.
  • The maximum temperature gap can reach 30℃, different roast effects can be distributed to different part of food.

Multiple Dimensional Roast

Roasting With Passion, Food With Delicacy.
  • 360°dimension rotating roast.
  • 4+1 multi-dimensional tube.
  • New type impeller blades.

Humanized Design

LOW-E Glass Door
  • Effectively preventing heat radiation, lessening the temperature increase, control the prior factors for yummy food.
  • Easy cleaning system.
  • Original creation of self-cleaning inner container, automatically absorbing and cleaning oil, free of dismantling.

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