Robam Rangehood A837
Robam Rangehood A837
Robam Rangehood A837
Robam Rangehood A837
Robam Rangehood A837
Robam Rangehood A837
Robam Rangehood A837
Robam Rangehood A837

Robam Rangehood A837

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Airflow Rating Airflow Rating: 1200m³/hour

Airflow Rating Unrestricted Airflow Rating: 2010m³/hour

Noise Noise: ≤ 53dB

Static Pressure Static Pressure: 800Pa

Grease Separation Rate Grease Separation Rate: ≥ 91%

Motor Power Motor Power: 200w

Dimension (WxDxH): 895mm x 504mm x 684mm

Dual Core Absorber 6.0

Intellectual Change Of Frequency, Smooth Ventilation

  • Patented electric motor mid-placed technology, lessening current loss caused by asymmetric structural current flow, higher efficient absorption.
  • Innovative adoption of cyclone turbine, streamlined blades design, effectively decreasing absorption obstruction assuring more smooth ventilation channel.
  • Logarithm volute casing design, widening the opening of volute casing, increasing fume exit area by 55%, enhancing ventilation more efficiently.

Large Wide Angle Deep Cavity

  • Piloting upward fume with tornadic absorption.
  • 210mm deep cavity, holding huger quantity of fume, collecting upward fume in just seconds.
  • Super large and 360 degree wide angle tornadic absorption, enhancing absorption by 1/3.
  • Storm eye Storm principle, Zero pressure in center, Generating tornadic suction, leaving fume nowhere to stay.

“No-Disassembly And Wash Free” Inner Chamber

“Eiffel” Integrated Oil-filter Screen

  • Extreme punching craft, punch-formed at one time 14400 stainless diamond mesh more effective in separating the oil, strong efficient in filtering the fume.
  • Brand new electrophoreses protection technology for inner cavity, nanometer oil-free coating one step clean protection, no residual for oil stain on inner cavity assuring constant strong absorption.

Immediate exhaust with double static pressure

  • Strong instant suction with double static pressure.
  • Double static pressure.
  • Enhanced negative pressure zone.
  • Hignly effective smoke gathering canopy design.