Robam Steam Oven ST10
Robam Steam Oven ST10
Robam Steam Oven ST10

Robam Steam Oven ST10

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Power Rating: 1800w

Capacity: 25L

Function: 2D steaming function/Thaw function/Sterilization function

Style: Free standing

Material: Medical grade 304 stainless steel inner container

Size: 530wx 362hx390d

Net Weight: 17kg

3D Steaming Technology

Every 1℃ Reached Every Deep Corner of Food
  • 360° Micro-high pressure steaming covering all dimension of food.
  • Original taste and flavor is a guarantee of nutrition.

Fashionable Appearance Brings Delicate Steaming

Pure Black Style, A Combination of Content and Appearance
  • Apply the square and round philosophy to aesthetics design, leading to pure black texture, delicate and quiet, simple and neat appearance.
  • Visual glass door.
  • German BJB lights.

Quick Steaming Locks The Freshness Of Food

Restore The Freshness of Food
  • Heating tubes make the heating faster, 500w power inner tube and 1250W power outer tube increased the steaming substantially.
  • Locks the taste and nutrition.

Auxiliary Heating From The Above, No Dripping Of Water When Steaming Dishes

  • Guarantee a constant temperature from above by U shape auxiliary heating panel.
  • Side and above high-temperature auxiliary heating panel.

Intellectual Pop-up Water Filling Hole

Pops up instantly by easy touch, no need to pause while heating

PDF File Link Download User Manual