ROBAM Rangehood A815
ROBAM Rangehood A815
ROBAM Rangehood A815
ROBAM Rangehood A815

ROBAM Rangehood A815

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Airflow Rating Airflow Rating: 1140m³/hour

Airflow Rating Unrestricted Airflow Rating: 1980m³/hour

Noise Noise: ≤ 58dB

Static Pressure Static Pressure: ≥ 340Pa

Grease Separation Rate Grease Separation Rate: ≥ 92%

Motor Power Motor Power: 220w

Dimension (WxDxH): 895mm x 505mm x 537mm

Dual Core 3.0 System

360° Tornadic Collection And Exhaust Of Fume
  • 1140m³/hr strong and thorough absorption.
  • 340Pa strong wind pressure breaking through all obstruction, achieving a thorough exhaust of fume and oil.

Wide Angle And Deep Cavity

Tornadic Absorption Locks The Rising Oil And Fume
  • Uneven turbine designed to generate centrifugal tornadic absorption, realizing a thorough exhaust with no leakage.
  • Vertical placed turbine generating strong suction of wind from both ends that can eradicate fume and oil thoroughly.

Free Of Dismantle And Wash Technology

Inner Cavity Coated With Special Coatings That Detaches Oil And Fume
  • A++ screen with high density mesh and wide screen area, effective separation of oil and fume.
  • Butterfly shape screen, 24 uneven designed guiding belts.
  • 33°dip angle and indent guiding track.
  • Amber oil cup, a visualized oil volume.

Simple Design, Extreme Details

Silver Black Glass Panel, Simple But Neat
  • One integrated fume collecting cavity, no fume and oil attached, easy to clean.
  • LED light bringing a clear vision and joyful cooking.
  • 1 minute intellectual delayed shutdown intended to eradicate remaining oil and fume.

PDF File Link Download Operation Manual