Robam Rangehood A832
Robam Rangehood A832

Robam Rangehood A832

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Airflow Rating Airflow Rating: 1020m³/hour

Airflow Rating Unrestricted Airflow Rating: 1500m³/hour

Noise Noise: 42dB- 56dB

Static Pressure Static Pressure: ≥ 800Pa

Grease Separation Rate Grease Separation Rate: ≥ 92%

Motor Power Motor Power: 200w

Dimension (WxDxH): 895mm x 510mm x 560-960mm

  • Ducted and recirculated
  • Innovative Baffle Filter
  • Linear Touch control
  • Variable frequency Motor
  • Slim design (able to build in cabinet)

New Embedded Range Hood A832

  • Bushless motor
  • Air-purifying module
  • 280mm depth slim design
  • 9 speed touch control

    Powerful DC Brushless Motor

    • Quiet,reduce noise level to 42dB with silent ball bearing.
    • Durable, advanced fully enclosed motor with new copper cooling system. Last forever.
    • Eco, save up to 30% of energy consumption with highly efficient operation. 

    Immediate exhaust with double static pressure

    • Strong instant suction with double static pressure.
    • Double static pressure.
    • Enhanced negative pressure zone.
    • Highly effective smoke gathering canopy design.

    Air purifying module removes fume and smell

    • APPRO technology from US
    • Industrial standard activated carbon oil filter
    • Three-layers filtration
    • Multilayers fold-up design
    • Clean up harmful VOCs of different molecular sizes

    Recirculated air purification system

    • Powerful motor with double static pressure
      Improving efficiency with double static and enhanced negative pressure zone.
    • Air purifying module
      Oil separation rate up to 99.3% with industrial standard activated carbon oil filter