ROBAM Rangehood A606
ROBAM Rangehood A606
ROBAM Rangehood A606
ROBAM Rangehood A606

ROBAM Rangehood A606

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Black hole from sky, absolute absorption from above

Airflow Rating Airflow Rating: 1110m³/hour

Airflow Rating Unrestricted Airflow Rating: 1800m³/hour

Noise Noise: ≤ 57.5dB

Static Pressure Static Pressure: ≥ 370Pa

Grease Separation Rate Grease Separation Rate: ≥ 95%

Motor Power Motor Power: 200w

Dimension (WxDxH): 795mm x 354mm x 579mm

25°Golden Ratio

  • No collision, no restraint.
  • Golden ratio geometric incline, thinner, more space saving.

Fashionable Ratio

  • Golden ratios for squares and rounds, harmonic and fashion appearance.
  • New generation of “Centralized Negative Pressure 2.0 system”, upgrading negative pressure area.

More Strong Power

More Strong Ventilation Effects

Turbine diameter increased by 15mm, air volume reached 18.5m³/min.

Full High Profile

An Outstanding Appearance, A More Excellent Interior
  • Free of oil coated inner cavity, no oil attached.
  • Integrated oil screen, filtering 92% of heavy oil molecule,“No-disassembly and wash free”.
  • Quadruple concealed oil pipe, no leakage of oil.

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