ROBAM Oven R305
ROBAM Oven R305
ROBAM Oven R305
ROBAM Oven R305

ROBAM Oven R305

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Power Rating: 2400w

Capacity: 40L

Glass Insulation: Triple Layered

Net Weight: 34.5kg

Fashionable Appearance

  • Black style, stainless knob, neat and simple.
  • Glass panel designed for simple cleaning and easy wipe.
  • Intellectual touch key.

Robam 1℃ Accurate Roasting Oven

Exp Double Temperature Mode Achieving An Expert Level Roasting
  • Accurate temperature control, more tasty.
  • D roasting technology.
  • 4 intellectual menus, 8 roasting modes can simply meet a variety of demand.
  • Safety design to an extreme that protects from all dimensions.
  • Specialized cooling circulation technology.
  • 3 separation doors, a protection from empyrosis.

Humanized Design

  • Self-cleaning system, easy to clean and organize.
  • Removable grill, easy cleaning heating tube.
  • Visualized cooking, real-time monitoring of cooking.
  • Timer noticing system, zero awaiting time.

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