KZQC-40-CQ751 Combi Steam Oven
KZQC-40-CQ751 Combi Steam Oven
KZQC-40-CQ751 Combi Steam Oven
KZQC-40-CQ751 Combi Steam Oven
KZQC-40-CQ751 Combi Steam Oven
KZQC-40-CQ751 Combi Steam Oven
KZQC-40-CQ751 Combi Steam Oven
KZQC-40-CQ751 Combi Steam Oven
KZQC-40-CQ751 Combi Steam Oven

KZQC-40-CQ751 Combi Steam Oven

ROBAM Appliances (NZ)
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Power Rating: 2400w

Capacity: 40L

Plumbing: Not Required

Preset: 12 baking mode & 4 steaming mode

Special point: 150°C Powerful Steam Mode and Expert Baking (Max 30°C Temp Diff)

Net Weight: 37.3kg

Cooking with Steam, Alternative cooking life.

  • Enjoy delightful cooking experience with Robam brand new combi steam oven, adding steam to your grill or baking cuisine, maxmize your creative and health cooking life.
  • Innovative cooking method: Cook a perfect grilled meal with steam. Cook quicker with high temperature steaming to easily cook bulky food. Multi stage cooking setup.

Gourmet Steaming

  • No water drops, no ponding water: Unlike conventional steamers. Robam technology eliminate possibilities of water dripping one the food and prevents water retention at the bottom. Ensure food are cooking at ideal condition and with perfect outcome.
  • Lock the fresh and nutrients with Robam steaming technology: Robam uses a patented steam generation system that maintain and regulates steam production, upgrade the power effectively. The technology greatly improves the capability of retaining nutrients in food.

Baking Tasty

  • 4+1 Multi-dimensional heating technology. Four heating directions from top, bottom and back, cooperate with circulating fan at the back, evenly deliver heat into every inch of food fibers.
  • Dual temperature with individual control system, create different flavors in one cooking process. Temperature can be adjusted differently in the up and down zones in the cavity, and the difference allows to adjust up to 30 degrees. You can now bake different food at the same time in the same cavity that requires different temperature simultaneously. Why don't you try to bake a pizza with crispy base immediately.

Various heating modes

  • Dried Fruit/Vegetable
  • Frying
  • Keep warm
  • Rapid Heating

Full colour touch screen, delicious is now visible

Enjoy tremendous cooking experience with simple and smooth touch control.

Humanized mode

  • Defrost: temperature and time adjustable.
  • Sterilization: Disinfection is done with hot steam, feeding-bottle and tableware can be sterilized at a time.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Including function of drying, cleaning and descaling

  40L Large Capacity

  • Easy grilling or steaming of whole chicken or fish.
  • 3-layer large grilling or steaming trays.
  • 448mm*324mm large steaming tray.
  • Grilling or Steaming  2 dishes at one time per tray.

Easy Cleaning System

Nano-Ceramic Heating Coil
  • Better anticorrosion, scratch-resisting performance and clean-ability than SS material.
  • Integrated punch-formed inner cavity, one-click cleaning.

Multidimensional Safeguards

Quadruple Dry-Heating Protections
  • 4 dry-heating protective devices enable multiple safety assurances.
  • Intelligent door lock protection.
  • Automatic locking during operation, avoid scald risk from accidental opening.
  • Front radiation system.
  • Exhaust of excess heat and steam, protect the system and maintain dry cupboard.

PDF File Link Download User Manual